Chapter 1: I go to summer campEdit

It was a beautiful day on Long Island, New York. So far I was enjoying my 12th birthday with my friends Zack, Melissa, and Trevor. First the picnic by the Long Island shore and now tag in the nearby forest. What could go wrong? "Zack's 'It' everyone!", I shouted. As I was running I tripped over a root in the ground. As I stood I came face to face with a silver arrow held by a beautiful young girl. "Well hellloooo beautiful.", I said. "Who are you?", she demanded, as she pulled her arrow farther back on her bow. I responded with, "Miles Aquillion." "Godly parent?", she asked. "Uhh....what?" "You must be a demigod if you wre able to cross the magical boundries.", she told me. "What magical boundries?", I asked, but even as I asked I saw a type of 'force field'. In the distance I heard my friends calling my name. "I'm over here guys!", I shouted loud enough for them to hear. Where?", they shouted back. "Just follow the path!" I then waited a few seconds for them to find me. "Oh, here you are Miles, but where the heck is here?", Trevor asked. "Men", said the hunter, "clueless as always. You are in Camp Half-Blood.", she explained.

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